martes, 6 de noviembre de 2007


- Second Season Delayed AGAIN: Well, after more than three weeks of development, GTA Love Team decided finally to relase it on december. Isn't it annoying all the delays?!
- Windows Vista Ultimate: September 2th, 2007. The GTA Lover announces, he's got Windows Vista Ultimate fully installed into his PC and he's more than ready to start developing second season with the rest of GTA Love Team. He already made the premiere episode of The YouTube GuRu, good old GTA modding. *winks*
- Second Season Relased!: Yep, Second Season is finally relased and ready to watch on YouTube. Links are on the left pannel to watch all episodes. Thanks to all GTA Love Team who helped me alot on the making of this amazing sucess.
- (More info comming soon, contact The GTA Lover here).

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Deejay dijo...

I can't contact you on youtube, since you've enabled friend only message block!

here's the message:

Right now I'm prepearing a new show called ProgramGeek (aka ProgramG33k)!

I hope I'll get ritch one day with it hehe (joke)

S1E1 will be ready soon!

Regards, 2pacLEGEND

ps: I'm recruiting new members in the >>family<<, because it'd be cool if the show would be reguilar (many vacations etc.)!

The show will try to present you many freeware (and maybe shareware) programs and other services, for OS Win (for now)! In the first episode, there is presented "Inno Setup Compiler" and a little less known internet service "3x3links".

It'll be on the internet soon (I hope).

I'll try to get the YT sponsorship or watever it's called, so I'll be able to create and upload movies longer than 10min. I hope for the best quality that my computer and my internet connection can handle.

Sincerly yours, 2pacLEGEND (aka deejaytu).
deej || ay || tu@g || mail|| .c|om ;mail me!! =)

ps: please send this forward, to any person that might be (or is :D) good with editing videos, since I need many many people to help me :D thanks for every sent email!