martes, 6 de noviembre de 2007


- Second Season Delayed AGAIN: Well, after more than three weeks of development, GTA Love Team decided finally to relase it on december. Isn't it annoying all the delays?!
- Windows Vista Ultimate: September 2th, 2007. The GTA Lover announces, he's got Windows Vista Ultimate fully installed into his PC and he's more than ready to start developing second season with the rest of GTA Love Team. He already made the premiere episode of The YouTube GuRu, good old GTA modding. *winks*
- Second Season Relased!: Yep, Second Season is finally relased and ready to watch on YouTube. Links are on the left pannel to watch all episodes. Thanks to all GTA Love Team who helped me alot on the making of this amazing sucess.
- (More info comming soon, contact The GTA Lover here).

domingo, 28 de octubre de 2007

Second Season Shows:
- GTA Mod Show: This is all about mods for San Andreas. Mod presentation videos randomly selected and put in together with the latest editing. Show currently online.
- The YouTube GuRu: I used to have several tutorials, but people couldn't understand them because I recorded myself writing information on the notepad, so I decided to remake those tutorials and putting them in this show. The diffrence is that now I use titles and credits instead of using the notepad. Show currently online.
- Black Missions: This show is about me recording myself playing all the missions of the game Black. Show currently online.
- The Time Waster: In this show I just put anything else that doesn't fit on the others shows. Show currently online.

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2007

Featured video:

GTA San Andreas - When CJ Takes... Revenge! - The Movie